Photogarage operates from Durban, South Africa. Angela’s background in photography is what makes Photogarage unique, distinctive and exclusive. Angela has been a freelance professional photographer, an educator and artist for 20 years. She is the recipient of various awards for her artmaking, notably for her work on disability issues and on rural grandmothers. She has published three diverse books and continues to exhibit nationally and internationally as an artist.

Challenging assignments are coupled with different techniques, this approach works well to build a foundation for taking photographs intuitively. Courses consist of a series of interactive lectures, probing assignments and weekly critiques.

Photogarage is for anyone who wants to improve their visual awareness coupled with technique and a better understanding of the photographic medium. The emphasis of courses favour visual intelligence over technique. Groups are small which guarantees individual attention. Angela is a firm believer in acquiring knowledge through challenging assignments together with lots of talking and arguing through imagery.

Through this process, participants understand and apply photographic technique; learn about other significant photographers; establish visual awareness and understand what constitutes a good image. Each session starts with a critique from the previous week’s assignments, followed by a break and then interactive lectures and visual presentation for the following weeks assignments. Assignments are probing and challenging. Courses are very structured and promise a renewed vision of your world. Photogarage enjoys coffee and home baking during the breaks!

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